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Staff Directory

Division Office Staff Directory
Allison Eichorst Administrative Assistant 306-682-8623
Amanda Moosemay Indigenous Instructional Coach 306-231-9253
Amanda Schwartz Accounting Technician 306-682-8642
Annah Gullacher Instructional Coach 639-998-1953
Bruce Maxwell Coordinator of Information Services 306-682-8628
Bryan McNabb Jr. Superintendent of Indigenous Education 306-706-7505
Cheryl Bilawchuk Accounting Technician 306-682-8624
Cheryl Klatt Payroll Administrator 306-682-8629
Chris Nienaber Network Analyst 306-682-8621
Cory Popoff Superintendent of Human Resources 306-682-8623
Darlene Popoff Learning and Wellness Coordinator 306-682-8648
Deborah Kuipers Administrative Assistant 306-682-8641
Heidi Linford Instructional Coach 306-706-7115
Jacquie Bergerman Superintendent of Inclusive Education 306-682-8607
Jesse Green Communications Officer 306-682-8609
Jim Swan
Instructional Coach
Jocelyn Armbruster Instructional Coach 306-746-7403
Jodie Freriks MySchoolSask Support Secretary 306-231-5015
Justin Arendt Superintendent of Operational Services/COO 306-682-8611
Kameron Kiland Manager of Facility Services 306-682-8616
Kelly McLarty Program Designer (HEYFRC) 306-682-8647
Ken Sogge Manager of Transportation Services 306-682-8649
Kevin C. Garinger Director of Education/CEO 306-682-8639
Kimberly Junk Inclusive Education Coach 306-682-8634
Kimberly Loose Administrative Assistant 306-682-8627
Kyle Lamont Database Analyst 306-682-8622
Lawrence Dunne Maintenance Worker 306-231-5881
Lori Washkowsky Assistant Superintendent of Finance Services 306-682-8613
Lydia Mai Financial Analyst 306-682-8604
Marjorie Schmidt Payroll Administrator 306-682-8630
Marni Sogge Executive Assistant 306-682-8639
MaryAnn Rath Administrative Assistant 306-682-8635
Melanie Gray Administrative Assistant 306-682-8631
Monica Arendt Manager of Human Resources 306-682-8633
Nicole Fitzpatrick Administrative Assistant 306-682-8638
Sandra Hessdorfer Administrative Assistant 306-682-8637
Sandy Gessner Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO 306-682-8618
Sharmon Sarauer Payroll Administrator 306-682-8632
Shawn Peters Network Analyst 306-682-8620
Sheena Gerspacher Administrative Assistant 306-682-8636
Shelley Schell Administrative Assistant 306-682-8643
Stacy Hamill Administrative Assistant 306-682-8619
Suzie McGrath Senior Accounting Technician 306-682-8645
Sydney Odelein Human Resources Generalist 306-682-8626
Terry Leibel Superintendent of Student Wellness 306-682-8640
Todd Gunther Supervisor of Payroll Services 306-682-8614
Trish Maxwell Superintendent of Learning 306-682-8644
Wendy Wegleitner Division Office Caretaker 306-682-8615